Review: Sagano (Sydney CBD)

A lazy Sunday leads to what? That’s right: lunch out on Monday. Alvaro called me after his plasma donation, around 11:30 to tell me that he was close to my office. I told him that if he could wait for half an hour we could have lunch together. And so we did.

I had to make copies of a set of keys for the office, so I decided to stay close to Wynyard Station. A long while ago, when searching Japanese and Korean restaurants in the area for a special lunch, I came across reviews from Sagano. It was the perfect occasion for trying it out.

It was just after noon and the place was empty. It looks nice, nicer than the rest of sushi joints in the area.


A super attentive waitress welcomed us and led us to a table next to the window (perfect spot for bright shots!). We weren’t that hungry (I because of the huge meal we had the day before, him because he had biscuits and milkshakes after the donation), so I chose three smallish dishes to share: edamame, a wakame salad and the salmon avocado roll.

The bowl of edamame arrived first and we were given an empty bowl to share. The beans were great, cooked and salted to perfection.

Edamame ($6.50)

Sagano: Edamame

When we were halfway through the bowl, the salad and the roll arrived. We started to eat the salad while finishing the beans. It was good, but we liked the one we had in Iiza a lot more. The ingredients were similar: it had mixed lettuce leaves, strips of carrot, tomato, tofu cubes and the seaweed. But the big difference was the dressing.

Wakame salad ($12.00)

Sagano: Wakame salad

Then we ate the salmon avocado roll. I hate to say it, specially after reading so many good reviews of this restaurant, but I didn’t like it. In fact, I prefer the rolls from the sushi shop that is between the Wynyard arcade and the Hunter Connection Shopping Centre. I think what happened was that the rice lacked seasoning and the nori was soggy.

Salmon avocado roll ($9.80)

Sagano: Salmon avocado roll

While we ate I kept an eye on the orders of other tables. The fried dishes looked good. Maybe I’ll give it another go (it’s very close to my office, after all) and order whatever looks like a popular choice for the regulars.

York Hotel
Clarence St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9299 8553

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