Pizza and vodka night

Last Saturday a bunch of friends and I had an almost unplanned vodka party. It all started with somebody mentioning having a bottle of vodka in her house. The rest of us, of course, offered to help her drink it.

We needed to eat something, too, and once again I refused to opt for takeaway and offered to cook. The first suggestion was pasta with plenty of veggies but I thought that maybe it was time to bake some pizzas. I kneaded the dough and let it rise at lunchtime, then portioned it (this time I did use my scale) and let it rest until dinner time. I also made the tomato sauce and caramelised some onions.

We were supposed to be four, so four medium pizzas would be enough for dinner and doggy bags, but four more people joined us so the organiser of the evening bought garlic bread and prepared a simple but great salad (mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber and avocado dressed with balsamic).

Pizza and vodka night: garlic bread and salad

I had planned toppings for three of the pizzas, all of them vegetarian. We decided it’d be better to have two with meat to balance things out.

The first pizza had tomato sauce, ricotta, zucchini, mozzarella and mint. It was good and felt light thanks to the mandolin that allowed me to slice the zucchinis very thinly.

Pizza and vodka night: Ricotta, zucchini and mint pizza

The second pizza was declared the favourite of the night. With tomato sauce, bacon, chicken and fresh oregano it was simple, tasty and crowd pleasing (although not very healthy). I forgot to take a picture of it before cutting it, and I was lucky to be able to find two pieces left on the board for the shot.

Pizza and vodka night: Bacon and chicken pizza

By now we were starting to get full but continued eating. The third pizza was a vegetarian turned into meaty; it had olive oil, rosemary, caramelised onions, portobellos and minced beef. It was very tasty too (more than the chicken one for me) but we should have loaded it less. This is the only one that didn’t get fully eaten that night (about a quarter of the pizza went into the fridge).

Pizza and vodka night: Caramelised onions, portobellos and minced beef pizza

The last pizza was another favourite of the night. The classic (not very known for most people) potato pizza: olive oil, rosemary, mozzarella and thin slices of potato.

Pizza and vodka night: Potato and rosemary pizza

I had baked a cake (the unfussy apple cake from 101 Cookbooks) but there was no room for anything else (except for vodka, of course)*. Three of our four unplanned guests said goodbye shortly after dinner. We kept drinking and chatting and (some of us) dancing and went through another bottle of vodka (I don’t know if it was finished that night).

Pizza and vodka night: Vodka, juice, etc.

* Guess who had a piece before bed :)

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