Review: Pastizzi Cafe (Newtown) (2)

My sister’s gone. She went on holidays to Perú. We had lunch with her on Sunday, and because we needed to be in Newtown, she chose Pastizzi. It was not the first time I ate at Pastizzi Cafe and it won’t be the last. This place falls into the BBB category (bueno, bonito y barato again) with the added bonus that it’s only two minutes away from my place. Their pasta dishes are great and not expensive, their pastizzis are amazing (I haven’t tried all the flavours yet but I’ve liked all of the ones I have), and they have good trading hours (meaning that we often can get a few sweet pastizzis when we’re craving dessert and every other cafe is already closed).

Gladys ordered the fetuccine pollo pesto, a choice supported by my excellent previous experience with that dish. Alvaro chose the risotto pollo (no surprises here, he’d order risotto in a burger joint if was on the menu). I wanted something light because I wasn’t too hungry (we had a BBQ the night before) and chose the nannada (whitebait fritters) instead of a too predictable Caesar’s salad.

The fetuccine pollo pesto was as delicious as I remembered it. Luckily, Gladys couldn’t finish it and I had a few forkfuls.

Fetuccine Pollo Pesto (chicken, pine nuts in a pesto and cream sauce) $ 16

Fetuccine Pollo Pesto

Alvaro’s risotto was ok. The taste was alright but it was too saucy for my taste. Yes, I’m very picky with risotto.

Risotto Pollo (chicken, pine nuts, mushroom, onions in a pink sauce) $ 16

Risotto Pollo

My meal was very nice. The serving was huge, more than what I expected for an entrée. The fritters were tasty and didn’t feel heavy neither on the palate or the stomach. The side was a Greek salad (which I’m trying to avoid to prevent joint inflammation from the nightshades) but it matched the fritters perfectly.

Nannada (whitebait fritters served with a side salad) $15.90


As expected, there was no room for dessert. Gladys bought an apple pastizzi to eat at night but she forgot it in our place, so we were the lucky ones to have a treat before bedtime.

Pastizzi Cafe
523 King St, Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9519 1063

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