Review: Let’s Do Lunch at Sushi e (Sydney CBD)

Yesterday was my birthday. And given that October is the month of the Crave Festival, I decided to take advantage of one of the Let’s Do Lunch available offers for my b’day lunch. Last week I tried to book a table in est. and Aria with no luck. I kept looking for a place not too far away from my office that included fish in the menu, and booked a table for Sushi e.

Alvaro and I arrived at noon. The restaurant was empty (of costumers, because there were three itamaes working on the mise en place). We were offered drinks and the menu, which consisted in three options: dynamite roll with blackened miso ocean perch, kingfish sashimi with angus beef, and goma ae (Japanese spinach salad with sesame paste) and vegetable tempura. All three options included miso soup, dessert, and a glass of Brown Brothers Chardonnay or Shiraz or a bottle of Coopers or a bottle of San Pellegrino mineral water.

I chose option # 1 with a glass of Chardonnay and Alvaro chose option # 2 with mineral water. The soup didn’t took long to arrive. It was different from the average miso shiru, the tofu was deep fried instead of fresh and it had mitsuba leaf (according to the menu, I hadn’t met the aforementioned leaf before). I found it a bit mild in flavour, so I added a splash of soy sauce.

Miso soup

Then the entrées arrived. A rectangular plate included four pieces of dynamite roll “spicy tuna marinated in 7 peppers, chilli and sesame oil, sweet onion and cucumber rolled I/O with spicy tobiko” (fish roe). The sushi was excellent.

Dynamite roll

Alvaro’s plate was long and thin and contained six slices of kingfish sashimi “topped with slices of ginger, chives and
sesame seeds, drizzled with garlic oil immersed in citrus soy (ponzu) and seared with smoking hot olive oil”. The oil was not hot as described in the menu, but it didn’t matter. If the sushi roll was excellent, the sashimi was outstanding.

Kingfish sashimi

We waited a bit longer for our mains. I guess it was because at this point the tiny sushi bar was almost full. The mains were very good, but we liked the entrées better. My dish had three pieces of ocean perch marinated in miso and caramelised. There were dots of sauce on the plate but no veggies, which I missed to counteract the saltiness and richness of the fish. It was a challenge to eat the bony piece with chopsticks.

Blackened miso ocean perch

Alvaro’s beef was perfectly seared and seasoned. The slices had the perfect “mouthful” size and thickness and were very tender. It came with a soy and sesame seeds dipping sauce and Japanese spinach on the side.

Angus tenderloin

The dessert, Russian cream, was perfect in size and taste. A long shot with vanilla pannacotta topped with raspberry coulis was enough to finish the lunch.

Russian cream

Sushi e
252 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9240 3000

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