Review: Yullis Bar (Surry Hills)

Confession: I undo all my weekday healthy eating on weekends. I know that’s pretty obvious by now but acknowledging it in a public space like this one may be the first step towards rehabilitation (as it is in AA). Actually I think that the knee pain that I get most Sundays night may be a more useful reminder to keep on track.

Anyways, last Saturday, after eating pasta in The Falconer we walked for 10 or 15 minutes and made a pit stop in The Local Taphouse. Nothing screams “beer” more than a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon. We asked the girl at the bar for the sweetest brew for Alvaro (he doesn’t like alcohol and only drinks it if it’s sweet). She gave us a couple to try and Alvaro chose the Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (friendly name: number fifteen). I had a Holgate Choc Temptress. Both beers were really nice, full bodied and sweet. Alvaro couldn’t finish his, so I had to help him.

Then we continued our route, which included the much awaited dessert pit stop. I decided to try Yullis Bar, which despite of having an all-vegetarian menu gets great reviews from meat and non-meat eaters. I let Alvaro pick the dessert (I wanted a bite but not the whole half of it) and I had another dark beer, this time a Red Oak Chocolate Stout ($9.80 a bottle).

The chosen dessert was Mango Tapioca Pudding with Coconut Ice Cream ($9.50). I don’t like coconut ice cream (I used to hate all things coconuty until not so long ago) but Alvaro got a call from his mom when the dessert arrived so I decided to give it a shot before it melted down completely. The dessert was genius. Tapioca pudding is easy to make but the mango sauce on top was delicious (full of taste, hard to believe considering that fruit in Oz is kinda bland) and the ice cream was heaven (even for a non-believer like me). The waitress told us that it wasn’t actually ice cream, but a sorbet, and indeed it tasted as clean as sweetened coconut milk chilled in an ice cream machine.

Mango Tapioca Pudding with Coconut Ice Cream

There are many things in the menu that have caught my eye, so I’ll be dragging Alvaro for lunch or dinner soonish.

Yullis Bar
417 Crown St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9319 6609

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