Review: The Courthouse Hotel (Newtown)

Last Wednesday my friend Bonnie became an Australian Citizen. Some friends joined her in the ceremony and then they headed to The Courthouse Hotel to meet the rest of the gang and celebrate.

I arrived a bit late (after getting a massage and preparing the next day’s lunch) and found the guys drinking sparkling wine surrounded by Aussie paraphernalia (flags, jackets, scarfs, koalas). Everybody had a temp tattoo or two. Bonnie had received a mug with the Australian flag as a gift and was drinking her bubbly from it. The funny thing is that there were only two Aussies on the table.

Celebrating Bonnie's citizenship

Our table was one of the big ones in the courtyard. For those who haven’t been to this pub before, it’s one of the classics, and a very big one. And it’s usually packed. I mean, it was a Wednesday and we had some guys sitting on one edge of our long table because there were no more free tables left.

Besides sparkling wine there was beer on the table. We and our furry Aussie fellow had a few jugs of refreshing “liquid bread”.

Drunk koala

There’s a decent selection of beers on tap (including one of my favourites, James Squire Golden Ale). I don’t know which beer were the guys having but I bought a jug of Reschs.

As for dinner, we all ordered and ate at different times so it was difficult for me to keep up with shooting dishes. Gary had the barramundi special with salsa verde, potatoes, rocket salad, Jane had a burger with pineapple plus chips, Neil had a veg burger, Andrey and Matt shared wedges and later beef nachos. I don’t know what Bonnie and Vicky ordered (they were too far away and I was busy trying to keep up with conversations – it gets loud in there) and I saw Guy munching on bagged potato chips. When I went to order my meal I was tempted to choose the barramundi (which would be my predictable option) but alcohol usually makes me want junk. So I had veg nachos (which were on special for $10, as well as the veg burger and veg pasta).

Veg nachos

In general, food took a bit long to arrive but it was alright and reasonably priced. It was interesting to notice that Neil’s veg burger (on special) came with a regular-sized bun, while Jane’s beef burger (regular price) came with a bun twice as big as the patty. I think it’d make more sense if they saved money in the burger and not the bread.

The Courthouse Hotel
202 Australia St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9519 8273

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