Review: Black Star Pastry (Newtown), Buppa’s Bakehouse (Newtown) – Closed

On Sunday, Alvaro and I had a super healthy and light lunch: pan-fried trout with a huge salad of leaves and radishes pickled in lemon juice. We needed to balance the previous night’s dinner (a bit of baked pasta with veges and mozzarella, pita/mozzarella/thyme “pizzas”, a homemade banana-oat muffin and a chocolate croissant). Plus, we were going to see Cooking Up Dreams, followed by a Peruvian food degustation. The degustation turned out to be really small, so we found ourselves with room for dessert. We browsed a few cafes in Circular Quay but decided to go back to Newtown and find a place near home.

Dessert + Newtown = Buzzzbar Cafe. Sadly, it was 4:45 pm and they were closing. We crossed the road and started walking towards the city. When passing by Australia Street, Black Star Pastry seemed to be open (hard to judge at that distance and without my glasses on), so we gave it a shot. It was indeed open.

Alvaro chose the strawberry, watermelon and rose cream cake and told me to choose “something else”, meaning one more dessert, but I chose two: a ginger ninja and a mango danish. The girl in the counter gave us a freebie: a pistachio macaron that was broken and therefore could not be sold.

Pistachio macaron, mango danish, ginger ninja, strawberry & watermelon cake

The box never made it home. We sat down in one of the benches next to the town hall and started with the macaron. It was good, crunchy and with a really nice flavour. The next victim was the ninja, from which I’ve read heaps, but somehow didn’t think it justified its high price ($4). Next was the mango danish, for me the perfect danish, perfect flaky pastry with a perfect fruity and not too sweet filling. Finally, we ate the cake. We didn’t have a spoon but used the base it comes on to eat it. It was good, also not too sweet, with the interesting efect that sandwiching a piece of watermelon between layers of cake and cream gives. Apart from strawberry bits, it was topped with edible flowers, which was a very nice touch (aesthetically and in terms of flavour). However, the strawberry-watermelon thing didn’t do it for me.

Even when no excessive amounts of sugar are used in Black Star Pastry’s desserts, we were already in a sugar high. We started walking back home and considering the possibility of having another dessert. We stopped in 2042 Cafe but it was closing.

Then we stopped at Buppa’s Bakehouse and went in. We had already been there once, we bought a couple of desserts and took them home because they were closing. One was a pumpkin pie and the other one I don’t remember. They were ok, but not amazing. This time Alvaro chose a chai cream pie. It was good but unbelievably sweet, and the biscuit crust was too crumbly. I ordered a cup of white & green tea blend and Alvaro a chai latte, which was sweetened. I wonder how he could manage to finish his share of the pie and his tea.

Chai cream pie

We went back home knowing that we had exceeded our refined sugars and carbs limits. I felt it that night, when a sharp pain in my bad knee didn’t let me sleep.

Black Star Pastry
277 Australia St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 8656

Buppa’s Bakehouse
482 King Street
(02) 8065 0681

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