Review: aSukar Patisserie – Closed

Australia is obsessed with macarons. Patissiers have been making them for ages here and everywhere (even in a Third World country like mine) but somehow most people didn’t notice that they existed until that phenomenon called Master Chef. Adriano Zumbo was responsible of spreading the virus and now there are macarons everywhere. Even in the Central Coast, where three months ago a new patisserie was born.


Diana and Marco run this (still) small business called aSukar (word in quechua, one of the Peruvian native tongues, that means sugar). She’s the pastry chef, he’s the business man. They were in the city today delivering products, so we met for lunch to catch up.

They arrived 5 years ago, Diana enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu to study patisserie and Marco in Macquarie to study an MBA. Meaning they are pros, and their products are top quality.

We had a chat in Guzman y Gomez Taqueria, where I decided to continue defying my luck by ordering something that is not the house specialty, and had a grilled chicken guerrero salad (with mixed leaves, corn, cucumber, pico de gallo and olive oil dressing. It was really good.

Grilled chicken salad

Diana and Marco ate burritos while telling me about how the adventure began. They started offering their products to cafes in the Central Coast. In the beginning only two of them bought their products, but shortly after they got more clients, including cafes, restaurants and individuals. Right now they are focusing in macarons and alfajores (those yummy South American sandwiched cookies I’ve written about here and here), but they are thinking about introducing more stuff next year, when
Diana comes back from Spain and France, where she’s gonna do an intership and get trained.

The macaron flavours currently available are: pure dark chocolate, rhubarb and apple crumble, dulce de leche (South American caramel), rose water butter cream with strawberry jam, white chocolate, coffee, and hazelnut chocolate.

I got to try an alfajor and three macarons: rose water butter cream with strawberry jam, rhubarb and apple crumble and dulce de leche with a chocolate filling (non-standard but they thought I’d like it for a change, given that the alfajor is filled with dulce de leche, too).

Alfajor and macarons

The macarons were delicious, with the right amount of crunchiness that dissolves as soon as they hit your tongue. My favourite was the rhubarb and apple crumble, the most flavoursome of them. No wonder it’s one of their best-seller flavours, along with dark chocolate and caramel.

Rhubarb and apple crumble macaron

Rose water butter cream with strawberry jam macaron

Caramel macaron with chocolate filling

The alfajor was super nice too, with the exact layer thickness ratio (cookie to filling) that some people just can’t get right.


aSukar’s clients prefer macarons to alfajores because they’re visually catchier and South American foods are not yet well known around here, but I foresee a really bright future for aSukar’s alfajores as soon as the news spread.

aSukar Patisserie!/aSukar.patisserie

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