Review: The Moose (Newtown)

The Moose is one of those places that is really close to my apartment (2 minute walk) but somehow I had managed not to visit previously. It used to be called The Moose Espresso Cafe but now it’s just The Moose Newtown and they offer drinks and tapas at night.

I wanted to go out on Friday night to check out one of the places in my list of TODOs (or TOGOs) in Surry Hills or Darlinghurst but I opened the mailbox and there was a cardboard coaster from The Moose offering 2×1 in any drink (cocktail, wine or beer). The choice was clear.

The place is really small but there was a free table on the back. There’s a moose head on the wall opposite the bar and three toy moose on a bench right below the blackboard with the drinks list.

Toy moose

Drinks list

I checked the beer list but there was nothing that appealed to me, so I thought that it would be a good idea to order one of those cocktail with funky names.

I ordered a Saketini (sake, vermouth, vodka, ginger ale, vanilla syrup) and Alvaro a Bullwinkle 2 (Jagermeister, butterscotch Schnapps, cranberry juice, lime juice). My cocktail was nice, not as watery as they sometimes are in this city.


I hate Jagermeister (reminds me of a cough syrup I used to take when I was a kid) but Alvaro enjoyed his drink.

Bullwinkle 2

The food menu is kinda brief, but with enough variety if you only want to nibble on something while having a drink or two. It includes olives, dips, bruschettas, cheeses, mezze plates, meatballs, etc. We weren’t too hungry (we had eaten banana/oatmeal muffins before going out), so we chose the mezze plate 2 (selection of cheese, olives, dip, asian pancake, stuffed mushrooms + smoked salmon, served with assorted bread + crackers). The artichoke/spinach dip was very good, as well as the olives and the smoked salmon (why wouldn’t it be? it comes from a package, after all). The two slices of cheese (Brie or Camembert) were not enough, the stuffed mushrooms and the asian pancakes were not warm enough and taste-wise a bit disappointing.

Mezze Plate 2

The crackers were alright, the chips too oily, the two slices of bread average and not enough.

Bread, crackers, chips

I drank another Saketini (courtesy of the coaster/discount voucher) and then we went home, not entirely satisfied, but full.

The Moose Newtown
530 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 0072

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