Review: Badde Manors Cafe (Glebe)

Two years ago I was making plans with a Peruvian friend who was living here to start a business. We wanted something along the lines of a coffee shop and when discussing concepts, she suggested me visiting some cafes when I arrived (I was still in Peru), among them Badde Manors, in Glebe. I checked the website and the menu (which is vegetarian, by the way) looked interesting. But then I arrived and moved to Newtown, which has way too many choices for eating out (especially for someone who doesn’t eat out that frequently) to ever think about going to another suburb for lunch.

So I just waited all this time for the circumstances to fall into place. In this case Alvaro and I went walking to Broadway to buy some stuff and we got hungry in the way. We went all the way up to Cafe Bariloche because we were craving empanadas but it was closed. Starving, we turned around and walked to Badde Manors. It was packed, but there was a free table right next to the door. Due to our level of hunger we chose our meals in record time but it took a while for the waitress to come and get our order.

We were in the mood for something to drink besides water, so I ordered a raspberry/apple organic juice and Alvaro a raspberry/apricot smoothie (with vanilla ice cream and milk). Both were really good and refreshing.

Raspberry/apple organic juice, raspberry/apricot smoothie

What my body wanted that day was a huge salad. The carbs overload of the day before (grazing at the Eveleigh Market in the morning plus lonchecito in the evening) had broken my internal balance and I needed loads of veggie fibre to fix it. I chose the chef’s salad: mixed leaves, chickpeas, artichokes, grilled haloumi, cherry tomatoes, toasted almonds, green beans, tahini dressing and a lemon wedge, served with a toasted slice of sourdough and butter.

The salad was good, but lacked a “wow” factor. I think the dressing was too dry, and even when I squeezed the lemon wedge on the veggies, they lacked that moist and round flavour that makes a salad taste exactly like that as opposed to some veggies, legumes and cheese thrown together to share a plate. The sourdough toast was tasty, I wish it wasn’t to avoid the starches, but I couldn’t help it and just enjoyed it.

Chef's salad, toasted sourdough

Alvaro chose one of the blackboard specials: homemade arancini with mushroom, sundried tomato and asparagus, served with garden salad, pumpkin and ginger sauce, and garlic toast. Two huge arancini sat on the plate next to some salad leaves and two slices of toasted garlic bread. According with the description we were expecting the dish to be completely Italian but no… the rice in the arancini was not cooked as risotto (or if it was, it needed more creaminess) and the pumpkin and ginger sauce (which definitely had cumin and more spices in it) felt a bit out of place with the garlic bread and the veggies in the arancini. I won’t say it wasn’t tasty (although it needed a bit more salt) but again it didn’t feel like a rounded dish.

Homemade arancini with mushroom, sundried tomato and asparagus, served with garden salad, pumpkin and ginger sauce, and garlic toast

Once again we ended up stuffed and couldn’t taste any of the yummy looking desserts on display. Next time maybe we’ll drop by just for dessert.

Badde Manors
37 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe NSW 2037
(02) 9660 3797

3 thoughts on “Review: Badde Manors Cafe (Glebe)

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  2. My partner purchased a hot chocolate today from Badde Manors, (oh this is after his veg lasagnae, which had two eye lashes in it), he felt something strange in the hot chocolate, and when he took it out of his mouth, it was half a cockroach. Whats worse is when he rang them to tell them, their response was ‘these things happen we just have to move on’.
    – Shocking customer service

    1. WTF??!! Sorry to read about your bad experience, thanks for sharing. I checked the name-and-shame list, they’re in but under “Fail to store potentially hazardous food under temperature control – previous warnings given”, hope they get a penalty for pests too.

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