Review: Bloodwood (Newtown)

I don’t know why it took me so long to go to Bloodwood. Well, I kinda know, I don’t eat out that often, and lately I haven’t had much opportunities to choose restaurants. Finally I got the chance last Saturday, I was going out for dinner and drinks with my sister, and fortunately she agreed.

We got there around 6:45 pm and it was packed, as usual. They wrote down my name and mobile number and told us they should have a free table in an hour or an hour and a half. We went to the Town Hall hotel for a change (we usually end up in the Sando) and had a beer there. We weren’t rushing because of the estimated time they had given us, but after only 15 minutes I got the call (we finished our beers, of course!).

The table they had for us was in the back terrace. They had heaters so the weather was not a problem, but it was dark as hell. Most tables had a candle and a small lamp, but our had only the candle. I had been checking the menu online for a while so I knew what was on offer but my sister had a hard time trying to decipher the options. As much as I hate it, I had to use the flash in my camera (my new camera! yay!). At least anybody complained.

We ordered sourdough bread, the polenta chips with Gorgonzola dipping sauce and the grilled milk-fed lamb, which according to the menu, was plated with marjoram, black olives, white beans and fennel.

The beers we ordered (a Sapporo for Gladys and a Murray’s Whale Ale for me) and the sourdough bread (with olive oil to dip) arrived shortly. There was no salt on the table, but as much as I like sprinkling some salt on my bread dipped in olive oil, I was way too hungry to ask for a shaker and wait for it. We ate around a third of the bread and I suggested leaving the rest for the lamb.

Sourdough bread with olive oil

The polenta chips arrived a few minutes later. They were piping hot, but not very cute presentation-wise. They weren’t around the same length and width, resulting in different levels of crunchiness and a subliminal message of carelessness. The flavour was good, though, and the polenta was perfectly cooked: soft and wet. The Gorgonzola sauce was really tasty but we both agreed that the amount was not enough.

Polenta chips with Gorgonzola dipping sauce

We had to wait long for the lamb. We asked one of the waitress about it and she said she’d ask in the kitchen. Then we asked another waitress and the first one (who was serving other customers nearby) told us that lamb took a bit longer than other dishes and she served us water. I wonder if we would have received water if we didn’t ask about our food.

Anyway, a couple of minutes after asking, the lamb dish arrived. It wasn’t what was described in the menu, but we were starving and lamb is always good. Instead of the olives and white beans it had potatoes and green beans. The fennel was there and there was definitely a herb there, though I’m not sure if it was marjoram.

Grilled milk-fed lamb, potatoes, green beans and fennel

The lamb dish was tasty, but portions were smallish so we were left a bit hungry. I had ordered another beer but the waitress forgot it, so I told her to cancel that and give us the bill instead.

We wanted to go somewhere for another drink and something to nibble on, we went first to the Courthouse hotel but it was packed (there was a football game on the screens) and the only table available in the whole place was in the terrace and didn’t have a heater nearby.

We ended up in Zanzibar, having a beer and potato wedges. Beer was expensive ($6.20 for a Pure Blonde schooner) and the wedges were average, but at least we were amused by people in a costume party.

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