Review: The Old Fish Shop Cafe (Newtown) – Closed

Review: The Old Fish Shop Cafe

My friend Carina was in Sydney for a work-related course last week. She lives in the Northern Territory, 3 hours from Darwin by car, so every time she comes we go out for dinner, drinks, movies, or whatever. She spent the long weekend in the Buddhist centre and, as usual, we had breakfast with her before she went to the airport.

This was on Monday morning, public holiday plus Australia’s first lost match in the World Cup, so some cafes were closed, and some opened later than usual. Our chosen cafe (the closest one), Vargabar, was closed. I suggested going to Funky, where one of our friends works, but they hadn’t opened yet (it was around 8:20 am). Newscaf was open but the traffic light to cross King St was just in front of The Old Fish Shop cafe, so in we went.

It’s a really small coffee shop with only two people working there, so it made sense to find a reduced set of choices in the menu (for example, they didn’t have scrambled eggs, which is what I was craving that morning). The pastries looked like they had been bought from the cheap Asian bakery nearby.

Carina had a latte in a takeaway cup plus an open toasted cheese, tomato and avocado sandwich on Turkish bread (she asked if she could get avocado instead of something else that was on the menu).


Alvaro and I had the muesli which was served with yogurt, banana and honey, instead of yogurt and fruit compote as advertised on the menu. It had been a difficult weekend for me, and also the service was quite good, so I didn’t feel like complaining. We received a small glass with milk for the muesli, too.


Alvaro and I had our regular coffees: a latte for him and a soy cap for me. The guy didn’t put chocolate on my cappuccino, so I asked for it.



We paid an extra 15% on the bill due to the public holiday, on top of the relatively high prices of what we got. I’m not saying it was not good, it’s just that you can definitely get better quality for the same price in Newtown.

The Old Fish Shop
239 King St, Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9519 4295

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