Holidays in Lima (April 29 2010)

My last breakfast in Lima had to be special. As it was really early in the morning (3:30 am) I wanted to have just a lúcuma* and milk shake but my mum, who loves to overfeed her children as many other mums do, had bought wholemeal panettone (tastier and maybe healthier than the regular one, with dried fruit and nuts instead of candied fruit) and prepared some hot chocolate. I had two small slices of panettone and half a cup of chocolate mixed with low fat milk because it was too sweet, plus the lúcuma shake.

I checked the airport’s website and found out that my flight was delayed. I still decided to get there on the planned time, to have the chance of choosing a good seat (the bloody airline website didn’t allow me to do it) and solving any potential luggage issues (I did pack a couple kilos over the permitted weight). I had no problems whatsoever and was given a voucher for a complimentary breakfast due to the three-hour flight delay. I stayed for a while with my mum and aunties and then said goodbye, so that they and the neighbour who drove us to the airport could go on with their normal activities.

A few hours later, at 8:20 am I claimed my free brekky in Manacaru, one of the cafes located in the airport terminals. This was the second time I was given a free meal due to flight delays, the first one was in Buenos Aires (also flying with Lan) and breakfast was very average, two croissants (they call them medialunas or half-moons) and a coffee. This time I had: freshly squeezed orange juice, scrambled eggs with two ham slices, two tomato slices and lettuce, one croissant, one white bread toast, one wholemeal toast, butter, strawberry jam and a long black (they gave me options for the juice, hot drink and style of eggs – scrambled or fried).


I got on the plane for the Lima – Santiago flight almost at 10 am. Once inside, the captain announced a 35-minute delay. The airplane took off around 11:30, which means that around 12:30 I had the third breakfast of the day: omelette with a ham slice, fruit (pineapple and orange), bread, butter, carrot cake (I only ate half of it) and water. Besides butter there was peach jam, which I didn’t eat.


After three hours and a half we arrived in Santiago. The Pacífico VIP room was finally open, the price was still low (US$28) but the showers weren’t available. I thought about it for a few seconds and decided to stay. Besides using the computers, reading sitting in a comfortable couch and using the toilet, I drank several mineral water bottles (they only had sparkling), two Heinekens, several green tea cups, a cappuccino, a macchiato, pineapple juice (plus a Vital Greens sachet), and I ate peanuts, peanuts with raisins and pecans, green olives, garlic and oregano bread, a sweet croissant, sweet biscuits, fresh pineapple and an apple. There was sushi too, but the last time I stayed there I learned to stay away from the stuff.

The Santiago-Auckland flight was on time. There I had dinner: lettuce, tomato and olive salad with lime dressing, canneloni with spinach, napoletana and bechamel sauces, bread, butter, a glass of cabernet sauvignon and water. Dessert was again jam cake, which I didn’t eat.


When half of the journey was gone I got hungry and ate a ham and cheese sandwich. Later I had an almond cookie. Breakfast before landing was: omelette with diced potato, ham pieces and silverbeet, strawberry yogurt, bread, butter and peach jam (which I didn’t eat), cake (which I didn’t eat), tea and water.

There was a one-hour stopover in Auckland, Alvaro had told me to buy kiwi shortbreads so I got one box for us and one for Gladys. In the Auckland-Sydney flight I had another brekky: fruit (apple, pineapple, melon), fruit of the forest yogurt, ham, cheese, tomato and spinach sandwich, bread, butter, strawberry jam, tea and water.


Gladys and Alvaro picked me up from the airport. We went home, I had a shower (I really needed it after 38 hours without one), we chatted and I gave them the gifts and things I had brought. That afternoon we had lunch in Corelli’s cafe on King St, which is always packed. Food arrived a long time after ordering and Alvaro found bugs in his salad. Looks like we aren’t going back there.

* The explanation about lúcuma can be found here.

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