Holidays in Lima (April 28 2010)

Wednesday’s pre-workout meal was a granadilla*, three boiled quail eggs that my mum had left in the fridge for me and a banana de seda**. Then, after training I had one banana de la isla** and almonds.

I had lunch with my friend from school Carla. Ironically, she was the one who “booked” a meeting with me before than anybody else and we had to reschedule our lunch a couple of times. First she was sent to a beach in the South of Lima on the day we had originally agreed. Then we chose another restaurant that was closer to her office, and when I got there it was being renovated. I ringed her and we quickly thought on another meeting point. She picked me up and I chose a restaurant nearby, another cebichería (I LOVE seafood) called La Preferida (the preferred). We ordered a tiradito*** with two sauces (yellow chili and Parmesan cheese) and conchitas a la parmesana (scallops with broiled Parmesan cheese).




I had a Cusqueña beer and Carla a Inca Kola**** and, of course, we ate a lot of canchita****.


Food was really good, as usual, and I had a great time chatting with Carla. After lunch I checked my emails and went to Julio’s house. We walked a few hundred meters to the seafront of Miraflores, where the tandem flight guys are located when there’s enough wind to fly. The experience costs 150 soles (I think it was cheaper before) and lasts only 10 minutes. Because you fly with an instructor, you have to do nothing but relax and feel like floating over the sea and the seafront, watching the buildings beside you and other people in tandems performing tricks.




When time was over the wind kept pushing us up, so the instructor had to turn around and try again three times, meaning that I had extra time for free!

Then Julio and I went to Larcomar (a shopping centre next to the sea) to drink something. We stopped in a fruit bar called Disfruta (it means enjoy but the name in Spanish plays with the word fruta, fruit). I had a juice called Tuna Manía that had tuna, mango and granadilla. Before you scream in horror, tuna in Spanish is the name of a fruit, the fish you know as tuna is called atún. Tuna (the fruit) comes from cactuses.

On my way back home I had to change buses. I went to a bakery called Wilton’s and ate an alfajor, two corn flour sweet biscuits with a layer manjarblanco (caramel) in the middle and covered with icing sugar. It was delicious and it didn’t have shredded coconut on the sides (most of the times, people roll the sides of alfajores in shredded coconut, which I hate).

That night I went with mum to my aunties’ house. I had leftovers from the previous day for dinner: yuquitas fritas***** with huancaína and ocopa sauces and a quarter of a butifarra plus picarones, a dough made with flour, cooked pumpkin, cooked sweet potato and yeast, shaped like a donut, fried and served with miel de chancaca, a syrup made from dark cane sugar, fig leaves, cinammon and cloves.


* The explanation about granadilla can be found here.

** The explanation about the types of bananas can be found here.

*** The explanation about tiradito and huancaína sauce can be found here.

**** The explanation about Inca Kola and canchita can be found here.

***** The explanation about yuquitas fritas and ocopa sauce can be found here.

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