Holidays in Lima (April 26 2010)

On Monday after the retreat I had a granadilla* and a banana de seda** as pre-workout meal. My post-workout shake had a frozen banana de seda, milk and cinnamon.

Then I went to meet my friend Víctor (an ex-coworker from TSS) for lunch in Pardo’s Chicken (a charcoal chicken franchise). He arrived a bit late and with a heavy jacket on, he had a fever and no voice. Still, he made the effort to meet me, which confirmed what a good friend he is. We both ordered a meal combo that included one quarter of grilled Pardo’s chicken with Pardo’s salad (cooked green beans, carrots and beetroot, and avocado) plus a glass of chicha morada***.

To be honest, I think that both quality and quantity of food in this franchise have been going down year after year. It’s still good but many years ago it was amazing. Chili sauce and mayonnaise seem to be the only things that have not changed.



For dessert I ordered a suspiro a la limeña***, which could be easily be my favourite Peruvian dessert. I recalled Pardo’s suspiro being very tasty and indeed it looked tasty, but it was rather average, with what seemed to be clots in the manjarblanco*** (I don’t know if they were half-cooked egg yolks, it felt more like badly distributed solidified gelatin) and a sad meringue, without port or cinnamon.


After saying goodbye to Víctor I went to two supermarkets (Vivanda and Wong) to buy the foods I brought back home: powdered lúcuma*, powdered ají amarillo (yellow chili) and ají panca (dried red chili), instant potato mash, vanilla esence, algarrobina****, a drinking chocolate tablet, chocolates filled with pisco*** and raisins, and chocolates filled with lúcuma. The luggage weight limits made me prioritise between the many things I wanted to buy.

That dinner I met Marlene and Jaime in Hanzo, the sushi bar where Jaime works. My friend Claudia from uni also came along. Marlene and I drank Kenzo coolers (I don’t remember what was in there but it tasted kinda apple martini-ish), Jaime and Claudia ordered Hanzo coolers. Drinks were nice, sweet and light in alcohol. We were served complimentary green beans, chicken morsels and a couple of other appetizers that I don’t remember. We started with four types of maki rolls, one of them was called Feru Maki, covered with salmon and octopus tartare. Another one was topped with huancaína*** sauce (the one in La Pescadería was tastier), another was covered with broiled cheese. They were good, especially the Feru Maki.



Then we were treated with maki rolls with stir-fried tenderloin in oyster sauce that were not in the menu, very yummy.


I thought that was it but Marlene and Jaime ordered more food: sahofan (rice noodles) with seafood, yakimeshi (fried rice with chicken and vegetables) and buta (pork) cooked four ways.




Jaime and I drank beer and then finished our big dinner sharing a tapioca and raspberry pudding with sauco (a Peruvian berry) yogurt ice-cream that was delicious.


* The explanation about granadilla and lúcuma can be found here.

** The explanation about the types of bananas can be found here.

*** The explanation about chicha morada, suspiro a la limeña, manjarblanco, huancaína sauce and pisco can be found here.

**** The explanation about algarrobina can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Holidays in Lima (April 26 2010)

  1. Gaby, how come you remember everything we’d eaten if you didn’t write anything down??? That’s what I’d call perfect taste memory!

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