Holidays in Lima (April 13 2010)

Disclaimer: before starting this post, I must clarify that Sydney is 15 hours ahead of Lima. That means that all the food mentioned in this post wasn’t ingested in a 24-hour period, but in a 39-hour period. Now, read on.

As I flew on a Tuesday morning, the whole journey started with breakfast at home. I prepared my favourite nutrient-packed brekkie: oatmeal, raspberries, banana, flaxmeal, wheat germ, pepitas, cinnamon and peanut butter. Due to its carb content, I usually eat this super porridge after training but that day I had no time to workout. Besides, I needed something filling that could stay with me for five hours, until my first airplane meal.


I had a second breakfast in the three-and-a-half-hour Sydney-Auckland flight: fruit of the forest yogurt, fruit salad (apple, melon, pineapple), bread, butter, strawberry jam, ham and butter sandwich with lettuce and tomato, and water.


After waiting 80 minutes in the Auckland airport, I got back in the plane. One hour after takeoff, dinner was served: tomato, lettuce and carrot salad with French-style dressing, white fish with mashed potatoes and cooked spinach, bread, butter, chocolate mousse cake with raspberry compote, a glass of Chilean sauvignon blanc and water. Food was good, the main dish was a bit low in salt, so I got to use the salt sachet provided with the cutlery. Dessert was awesome.


Halfway through the more-than-thirteen-hour flight I got hungry again. I went to the rear of the plane and grabbed a butter, ham and cheese sandwich and more water (I always drink several glasses of water during flights).

Approximately one hour before landing in Santiago I had a third breakfast: fruit of the forest yogurt, fruit, bread, butter, strawberry jam, omelette with mini sausage and cooked tomato, and water.


I had to wait 8 hours in Santiago de Chile before boarding the plane to Lima. My plan was to wait in the cheapest VIP lounge where some free snacks and drinks are included in the price, but unfortunately it was being repaired due to the recent earthquake. There was other VIP lounge that costed almost twice as much, so I decided to stay in the airport’s lounges. Boost was closed, too, so I had a raspberry juice in other shop (I had forgotten how watery were juices in Chile). Then I read and slept for a while, when I woke up I had lunch: a Dunkin Donuts “gurmet pavo” sandwich (it was actually spelled that way), with lettuce, tomato, ham, cheese and turkey ham, plus sparkling water.


In the three-and-a-half-hour flight to Lima I had dinner: lettuce, tomato and olive salad with lemon dressing, vegetarian lasagna, bread, butter, a glass of Chilean cabernet sauvignon and water mixed with apple juice and a Vital Greens sachet. Dessert was a jam cake that I didn’t eat, I just can’t stand the overwhelming sweetness of jam cakes.


My mum and two of my aunties went to the airport to pick me up. Once home, another aunty got there and we had a nice chat, I gave them gifts from me and my sister, and we ate Cantonese pork dumplings that we call “min pao”.


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