Holidays in Lima

I spent 16 days in my hometown Lima, the capital city of Peru. The main purpose of my trip was to attend a Buddhist meditation retreat that happens every 4 years in my country. The previous time I didn’t want to go (I wasn’t fully into Buddhism yet), so I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Of course I wanted to see my family and friends, too, and eat as much foods I missed as I could.

In my Spanish blog I’m writing what happened day by day. I thought that wouldn’t be interesting for people who don’t actually know me, so I decided to try a slightly different approach in this blog. Since it’s food-focused (granted, healthy food-focused, but let’s ignore that detail for the sake of story-telling), I’ve decided to forget about the non-edible stuff and go straight to the point. I’ll try my best to describe Peruvian foods that are unknown for most of the people. And of course, I’ll include mouth-watering pictures.

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