Review: Cafe Sofia (Erskineville)

Last week our Peruvian friend Carina came all the way down from the Northern Territory for part of Lama Ole’s tour. She was in Sydney for a few days and left on Sunday. We had breakfast with her that morning in Cafe Sofia, a short stroll away from the Buddhist centre, where she was staying.

Someone had recommended me that cafe before, but because my breakfasts are small and short I don’t usually have them in cafes, as lots of Aussies do. In fact, I think last Sunday’s breakfast was my second cafe breakfast in the 10 months I’ve been living here. Anyway, Matt suggested going to Sofia because the food’s good and it’s a family-run business with great vibe and customer service.

It was almost 11 am and it was packed, one of the owners told us to wait and organised a couple of tables for us. In the meantime we ordered our meals. Alvaro had the French toast with bacon and banana plus a latte.

Cafe Sofia - French toast, bacon, banana

I had the homemade baked beans with poached egg and toasted sourdough, plus a soy cappuccino. I wouldn’t normally had ordered beans but I really wanted to compare well prepared baked beans to the canned stuff we got in the hotel in Canberra.

Cafe Sofia - Homemade baked beans, poached egg, toasted sourdough

The beans were delicious, the poached egg perfect. The whole combination with sprigs of dill and the warm toasted sourdough with butter was amazing. I tasted Alvaro’s French toast with a bit of bacon, a bit of banana and a drizzle of syrup, it was tasty but my beans were tastier. Or maybe I just wanted a savoury breakkie/brunch that morning.

That was the end of that burst of mindless eating, that started with Lama Ole’s event. I know I could and I should restrict myself to eating sensibly always but for the sake of sanity I give myself a break once in a while. This particular one had an output of 1 extra kilo on the scale (of course that doesn’t mean too much in terms of fat/lean mass, but it’s one of the easiest things to keep track of), which I have already ripped off. That was fairly easy because I didn’t stop working out, that’s why I’ve decided to join my old gym as soon as I arrive in Lima and try to maintain my weight within reasonable limits, ie I hope to be able to fit in my office clothes as soon as I get back.

Cafe Sofia
7 Swanson St
Erskineville NSW 2043
(02) 9519 1565

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