Review: Pastabella (Glebe)

Pastabella - gnocci Pastabella

For her birthday dinner, mi sister wanted Italian food, so she proceeded as usual to check reviews in Her first thought was to go somewhere in Newtown but she couldn’t ignore a place with great reviews in Glebe, a couple of kilometers away. The place’s name is Pastabella and most reviews rave about the freshness and yumminess of pasta (made in the restaurant) and the owner’s mother’s tiramisu.

Pastabella is small and gets pretty busy (we were there on a Tuesday night and it was packed). Our table was located in the terrace, which had a more intimate vibe than the rest of the restaurant. Gladys was already there when I arrived, as we chatted and checked the menu, her friends arrived. It was hard for everybody to make a choice, even when the menu is not that long. There were 3 specials as well, risotto with crab, raviolli with prawns and asparagus, and cannelloni with chicken. After thinking it over I ordered gnocchi Pastabella (pesto + napoletana sauce, in the photo at the beginning of this post), Gladys ordered fettuccine puttanesca, and the other people: lasagna bolognese, spaghetti puttanesca, spaghetti napoletana, spaghetti marinara (with napoletana sauce, the other option was creamy sauce) and cannelloni with grilled chicken.

Pastabella - fetuccine puttanesca.

Pastabella - spaghetti marinara

Pastabella - cannelloni

We also ordered garlic bread and bruschetta with tomato, basil and olive oil. I ate garlic bread, which was grilled instead of baked, and tasted nice. It was actually a very good idea to order some bread because the food took long to arrive at our table. I can totally understand from the point of view that proper preparation (instead of reheating in a microwave) takes time, and that all dishes were served at the same time, as it’s supposed to be. All dishes looked delicious, mine indeed was, as well as Gladys’. I had brought a New Zealand Pinot Noir which matched perfectly with the meal. There was only one complaint about the food, Gladys’ friend does not eat spicy food and her spaghetti marinara had chili in it, even when the menu didn’t mention it. She didn’t finish her dish, which was a shame because it looked amazing.

After eating and chatting it was time for singing happy birthday. We ordered 3 tiramisus to share, one of them came with sparklers (looking at the presents and the “birthday girl” badge on Gladys’ shirt it was pretty obvious we were celebrating a birthday). The tiramisu was fresh and tasty, maybe not the best I have had in my life, but close enough.

Pastabella - tiramisu

Pastabella is definitely the place to go for really good pasta. The food is great, the prices are not too high, the atmosphere is nice and the service is super friendly (although it wouldn’t hurt to hire a waiter to help the owner’s wife out).

89 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe NSW 2037
(02) 9566 4488

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