Review: Doorae (Sydney CBD)

Doorae - fried egg dish, noodles, sides

Last Tuesday was my sister’s birthday. She took the day off from work, so she came to my office to have lunch with Alvaro and I. The idea was to go somewhere BBB (bueno, bonito y barato = good, nice and cheap), not too far away from my office. I had a few options: Pulse (really good salads, burgers and smoothies using some organic ingredients), Sagano (Japanese), Doorae (Korean) and Taste on Sussex (kind of fusion, with French influence).

Taste has disqualified due to the long queues at lunchtime. When Gladys arrived we went to check Sagano out, she told me it seemed a bit pricey, so we headed to Doorae. We checked the menu and decided to stay there. I think it was a good choice because the only two tables in Pulse are outside, and it was a cold, rainy day.

Alvaro arrived when we were already seated and almost ready to order. We chose 3 lunch specials to share, I don’t remember the names or exact descriptions, but I’ll do my best: the first one was BBQ pork with sides served in separate small plates: kimchi, seaweed, steamed rice, sweet potatoes in syrup and bean sprouts.

Doorae - BBQ pork with sides

The second one was minced beef with seaweed, mushrooms, bean sprouts, grated carrots and onions, served over steamed riced and topped with a fried egg.

Doorae - veggies/minced beef/steamed rice/fried egg

The third one was noodles in oxtail broth with Asian vegetables.

Doorae - noodles in oxtail broth

We ordered the drinks first, Gladys and I drank beer, Alvaro green tea. The restaurant was packed by the time we ordered and the staff seemed to be very efficient, but not too friendly. When the dishes arrived at our table we asked the waitress for small plates, given that we were sharing the food. She seemed somewhat bothered but brought the plates promptly.

When the soup arrived we realised we needed bowls for sharing it, so we requested them another lady, who seemed to be the owner. With a really unfriendly look in her face and visibly bothered, she gave us more plates (the same small saucer/bowl hybrids that we were given first, that worked well with the soup). After that we decided to wait until spotting a not so busy and more friendly-looking waitress to ask her for a photo.

The food was tasty. It was my first encounter with Korean food, so I can’t compare, but Gladys said it was good. Not too good, though. Among Asian cuisines, I still prefer Vietnamese better. From all the dishes my favourite was the BBQ Pork, and I found the minced beef with fried egg a bit dissapointing.

We did ask a waitress to take a picture of us, she did it without complaining but we still left with the feeling that Korean people are not very good at customer service.

The bright side is that the bill added up to $38 only, including the drinks.

On our way back to the train station and my office, we stopped at Salad Works for a healthy dessert: apple and pecan cookies (Gladys and I) and banana bread (Alvaro).

209 Clarence St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9290 1004

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