Peruvian desserts will show off in an international documentary

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“Pastriology” is the name of American film director Alexis Krasilovsky’s last project. It will depict, through desserts, the reality of nine countries, including ours [Peru].

Monday, 1st March, 2010 – 08:29 am
by Sebastian Ortiz

Nine years ago local film director Christian Lanazca met Krasilovsky at the State University of California when she was his filmmaking teacher. A few months later they met again out of the classrooms and the idea of filming part of “Pastriology” in Peru was born.

Lanazca and his team, which includes Miguel Bocanegra also from Peru, and Jendra Jarnagin from the USA, are traveling Lima, Ica and Cusco filming the whole dessert production process: from the harvesting of the purple corn up to the moment when mazamorra [purple corn pudding] is served.

“The term ‘pastriology’ has no clear translation. But it could be called reposter√≠a in Spanish. We have been going to different places in our search for stories. For example, in Cusco we met with farmers and in Ica, with pastry chefs and sweet makers”, told Christian to

Bocanegra, who is the documentary’s co-director in our country, said that the whole world deserves to know how are sweets prepared in Peru, and that this will help to make them known internationally. “The goal is to show the richness we have in our desserts and the social reality that lays behind them”, he added.

Regarding this, Lanazca mentioned as an example that the government in India, country that is also part of “Pastriology”, gives away sweets with nutritional value in schools. “Kids are fortified and enjoy eating these desserts. We should do something similar here to revalue the job of producers”.

On the other hand, Jarnagin explained that this international production will also expose sweets that are harmful for people’s health. “In the USA there are lots of desserts made with chemicals that, in the long run, cause diseases”, he pointed.

“Here they handcrafted using natural ingredients. Until know we have not found any artificial components”, Lanazca said.

Apart from other country, Brazil, India, France, Turkey, Mexico, Senegal, the USA and Japan will also be part of the documentary, which will last a bit more than one hour. Scenes are been shot simultanously in those locations.

“All the productions will be merged and the final result will be screened in all the starring countries. It will also take part in festivals and Krasilovisky will try to make it available in the media, such as TV channels and cinemas”, Christian informed.

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