Wein torte (wine cake)

Wein torte (wine cake)

On Wednesday night I baked a cake, just to try my new Microplane zester. No, not really, I baked it for bringing it to Thursday’s meditation, because right after that we had farewell drinks and nibbles for a friend who is leaving Australia after 6 months. She is German, so she likes to drink. A couple of weeks ago I told her I’d bake a cake for her last meditation with us, she told me to bring wine instead, and I remembered having a wine cake recipe in my file. I copied it ages ago from elgourmet.com, the Latin American Food Network Channel (kind of).

The recipe calls for a 26 cm baking tin, which I don’t have, so I three-quartered the recipe to fit in my tin. I haven’t bought an electric mixer yet (I’m waiting until my bank account is healthy enough so it doesn’t care if I get a Kitchenaid), so I whisk everything by hand. My forearm was sore from training, so I failed to beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, hence the height of the cake.

The Microplane made its appearance for the orange zest needed for the batter. I must say it’s a fantastic tool that does the job wonderfully. The zest doesn’t stick to it, and it doesn’t reach the white bitter part of the fruit’s skin.

Orange zest with Microplane

As for the wine I used a merlot/cabernet bottle I had closed with a wine saver a few days ago. As per the recipe, I boiled the wine with a cinnamon stick for 5 minutes and let it cool before mixing with the batter.

The wine used for the cake

The other ingredients in the cake are flour, eggs, chocolate and nuts. The cake was baked for 40 minutes in a medium oven (180 degrees), the result was fragant, but as I said before, not too spongy.

Wein torte (wine cake) before the icing

Mental note while looking at the photo: I need to get some skewers to test cake doneness, my Japanese-style chopsticks leave big holes.

While the cake cooled down, I whisked the icing: more wine, orange peel and icing sugar. The Microplane wasn’t needed for this step, because the recipe indicates chopping the orange peel and not grating it, don’t know why. The photo on the top of this post is how the cake looked while the icing slowly covered it.

The cake tasted nice, not great, but it was good for variety. At least people seemed to enjoy it at the party.

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