Hello again, gastritis

I’m with gastritis again. It’s about the second of third time I get it since May last year, when we arrived here. The first time was about one or two weeks after we arrived. I couldn’t find a job and that was driving me nuts. I know it sounds like I’m a big maniac (which is not false), but I came here having being interviewed on the phone by an agent, and had an interview with the employer the day after landing. I really wanted that job but when I didn’t get it and didn’t receive many calls after sending resumes to lots of ads, of course I freaked out. Fortunately, that gastritis episode did not last long. I recall another episode some months ago, but it was very mild. This time is almost as bad as when I was back in Lima with a huge load of stress on my back.

I’m very, very stressed right now, and the fact that I’m typing part of this blog in my office is a sign that the job’s not the problem. I’ve got problems at home. Of course, my husband does not acknowledge them and says that we’re a pretty normal couple, but I don’t like the status of my relationship. Details aside, that’s what is making gastric acids burn my stomach linings, and the pain in my lower back become more acute day after day.

Last Friday I planned this week’s menu, as usual. As I didn’t see gastritis coming, on Sunday I packed this Roasted Squash Salad from Taste Buddies for Monday lunch. Under normal circumstances that would have been lovely, but it was not. The salad contained cherry tomatoes (one of the biggest stomach upsetters), plus vinegar (acid) and avocado (fat). The symptoms, got worse and worse throughout the day, but I still went to the gym and worked out.

I could only do an upper body set of exercises (from John Berardi’s The Metabolism Advantage), because my physiotherapist asked me to stop all lower body training this week to give my knee a rest. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that on top of the gastritis I have chronic pain on my left knee (that has been there on and off for the last 5 years) and I’m doing some (really expensive) therapy to alleviate it.

Back to the gastritis, when I got back home I pureed the pumpkin and asparagus, which were supposed to be in my dinner salad, with some vegetable stock and had a soup for dinner, along with some cous cous. I’ve had to change a bit the menu for this week and I’m avoiding dairy, tea, apples, and the occasional cup of coffee, which are part of my common repertoire. I have a jar of sweet and sour pickled cabbage in my fridge waiting for my with a sad look in its face. And half a bottle of wine, fortunately closed with a wine saver, also waiting to be consumed.

Hopefully it will be over in a couple of days. Fingers crossed, because I have plans for the weekend.

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