Review: Kingston Public Bar & Kitchen (Newtown)


My foodie friend Cat and I hit this bar for a catch-up after I came back from Orange. This small bar had always looked cool to me but for some reason it took me this long to try it out. We ordered some Italian red and a few dishes to share.

The house antipasto board comes with Italian truffle salami, Galloni Gran Reserva 30 month aged prosciutto, wagyu bresaola, sun-dried tomatoes, fior di latte bocconcini, grilled sourdough & grissini. Good combo, although I felt like there was too much bread served even though they knew one of us was not eating any.

Charcuterie board

Antipasto Board ($28.50)

Next came the game board with duck liver paté w/ Grand Marnier jelly, rabbit rillette, potato crisps, berry glaze, cornichons & croutons. I was really looking forward to this board, but somehow it didn’t meet my expectations. Maybe I was expecting too much.

Game platter

Game Board ($28.50)

I really enjoyed the mussels, which were cooked in white wine, butter, capers, preserved lemon & cherry tomatoes, w/ side grilled sourdough.


Mussels ($25.00)

I’m not a big whisky drinker but FYI this place carries a few specialty ones from Tassie.

Kingston Public Bar & Kitchen
62/64 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 8084 4140
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Product review: Peak Chocolate Bar by True Protein

Yes, this is a chocolate bar sold as a fitness supplement. This is the sort of thing that gets my coach fired up about the money-driven fitness supplement industry, but I could not resist and had to try it as soon as it got released. Given the ingredient list (80% dark choc, creatine monohydrate, BCAAs, organic caffeine, and Himalayan rock salt), I expected it to be at the very least a decent chocolate bar, even if it didn’t accelerate muscle growth and increase energy as promised.

Peak chocolate bar

Nutrition wise, each 25g serve (1/2 bar) provides 2.5g protein, 4.7g CHO (of which 3.6g are sugar), 70mg caffeine, 1.5g creatine monohydrate and 1.0g BCAAs. The bars sell for $5.90.

Peak chocolate bar NIP

So I gave it a shot pre-workout on 4 consecutive sessions. I loved the flavour and texture, which reminded me of other raw chocolate bars such as Loving Earth, but lacked the fruitiness of my favourite (Alter Eco 85%).

Sadly, I did not seem to get any of the advertised fitness benefits. Maybe I didn’t have the right dose, maybe I’m too old for these things to make a difference, or maybe I suck so much the difference was not significant. Either way, the chocolate was enjoyable as a snack.

Click this link to buy Peak chocolate bar. If you’re not sold on the idea of the choc bar, at least give their protein powders a shot; we use them regularly and can totally recommend them.

Review: Bills Beans (East Orange NSW)

Lazy Sunday mornings call for late breakfast at cool cafes. I hadn’t ventured to East Orange just yet so it was about time to visit Bills Beans. I already knew their coffee was great because I had sampled it at Factory Espresso. Now it was time to sample the food. They do sandwiches and other gluten-full things that are easy to serve and can’t be altered as per the warning in the menu but they also have some gluten-free options that looked just as great.


The tiny cafe was packed so we were willing to seat out in the cold but fortunately we were informed there was more seating inside.

Back room seating

We started with a long black (aka my usual) and an almond milk latte for Alvaro.

Long black, almond milk latte

Long black ($3.90), almond milk latte ($4.40?)

We ordered the 2 frittatas available on the day, both gluten-free and served with salad, one with roasted vegetables and the other with salmon, potato & dill. Both were awesome, with the perfect texture (unlike many rubbery frittatas out there) and with great flavour.

Roast vegetable frittata

Roasted vegetable frittata ($11)

Baked salmon, potato & dill frittata

Salmon, potato & dill frittata ($11)

We also ordered a slice of the orange, polenta & almond cake. By “we” I mean Alvaro, although I did eat a good chunk of the tasty moist treat, not without ordering an espresso to cut down the sweetness.

Orange, almond & polenta cake

Orange, polenta & almond cake ($6.50)

Bills Beans
148 McLachlan St
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 6361 1611
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Review: Eighteen 70 (Orange NSW)

The night that Alvaro came to visit, I spent an unusually long amount of time tossing back and forth between my plans A and B while Alvaro rolled his eyes at me until both of them failed. The dining room in plan A was packed and as we sat outside for a few minutes I realised food would get cold the second it arrived at the table. Plan B was fully booked on the night. Luckily, I had a plan C. Eighteen 70 had been in my initial list until I read some mixed reviews and I decided to leave it out. This bistro is located in a quiet corner close to where I was staying.

But first, wine. It was a boozy night for me (hey, I hadn’t seen my husband in 3 weeks!), with this glass of great local cabernet merlot being my third and final glass.

Glass of Angullong Cabernet Merlot

Angullong Cabernet Merlot Orange NSW ($9)

We skipped the starters and ordered two mains to share. My non-negotiable was the pork knuckle with kumera, buttered sprouts & bier sauce. We ordered it gluten-free, so I think they substituted wine jus for the sauce. As expected, it was a generous serving, the skin was crispy, the sprouts were cooked just right and the flavour didn’t dissapoint.

Pork knuckle

Pork knuckle ($34)

Our second main was a sirloin steak with hand cut chips, wilted spinach, asparagus, Café de Paris butter & shiraz jus. Once again, generous serving and great taste. Good enough to overlook the fact that the steak was not medium-rare. Details.


Sirloin ($35)

Eighteen 70
85 March Street
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 63619020

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Review: Red Chilli Deli (Orange NSW)

Alvaro and I went to this deli after lunch when he was visiting just because I wanted to have a look. I love delis: the charcuterie, the cheeses, the gourmet pantry items.




This particular deli also has a sweets section, which immediately caught Alvaro’s attention. He ended up having second dessert (a gluten-free lemon tart) and I had a second long black.


Gluten-free lemon tart

Gluten-free lemon tart ($8.50)

Long black

Long black ($4.50)

Even though we didn’t buy any food to take home I thought it was a nice place to stop and have a bite. It reminded me to the old-school cafes in back home where you can sit down and have a chat while sipping an Americano. They even said goodbye to us in perfect Spanish!

Red Chilli Deli
36 Sale St
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 6360 1166
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Review: Percy’s Bar & Kitchen (Orange NSW)

Alvaro came to visit last weekend. He was here for just over a day and, naturally, I tried to pack in as many meals out as possible. I was hoping for a hipster-style cafe lunch, but he was starving so I suggested plan B: Percy’s Bar & Kitchen, which offers several protein-packed dishes.

Given it was after noon I thought a glass of local sparkling would be not only appropriate but also justified.

Glass of Printhie Brut sparkling

Printhie Brut sparkling, Orange NSW, 2015 ($8.50)

My non-negotiable shared dish was smoked beef brisket, corn fritters & onion rings with chimichurri sauce, which I had been eyeing for a few weeks. It was good, although it wasn’t as smokey and tender as the brisket offered at my favourite Sydney American-style BBQ joints. This dish is gluten-free; the onion rings were great but I’ve had better corn fritters. The chimichurri was on the chunky side (almost like a pesto), but it was good.

Smoked beef brisket, corn fritters & onion rings with chimichurri sauce

Smoked beef brisket, corn fritters & onion rings with chimichurri sauce ($22)

We chose our second dish from the specials board: spicy pork ribs with polenta chips & pear slaw. Ribs are my favourite cut, even more when they are of swine origin. Both the polenta chips and the salad were awesome.

Spicy pork ribs with polenta chips & pear slaw

Spicy pork ribs with polenta chips & pear slaw ($20)

Alvaro chose the poached pear & tapioca pudding with candied orange & rhubarb for dessert, which was nice enough for me to have more than one spoonful. It helped that the pears had been poached in red wine.

Poached pear & tapioca pudding with candied orange & rhubarb

Poached pear & tapioca pudding with candied orange & rhubarb ($12)

Percy’s Bar & Kitchen
120 Summer St
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 6361 2400
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Review: The Agrestic Grocer (Orange NSW)

My friends from Sydney happened to be in the area last weekend so we caught up for brunch. Given they were driving, I thought it would be a good idea to go visit The Agrestic Grocer, which is a few minutes drive out of town. It turned out to be a great family-friendly venue. As it name implies, this is primarily a grocer focusing on outstanding local produce and products, including breads, preserves, wine, and beer.




But we were there for brunch, not shopping! The indoor dining room was fully booked, so we headed outside initially just for coffee. We ended up staying there, warmed by an outdoor heater and our heavy jackets, the telltale sign that we’re from Sydney.

Agrestic Grocer

My first coffee was a great long black, served in a cup (hot drinks are also available in mugs).

Long black

Long black ($3.50)

The menu is not huge but it had enough great-looking options to make me struggle with decisions. I finally ordered the local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah on gluten-free bread and added Trunkey Ck bacon and a Small Acres cider & garlic sausage. The meal as a whole was quite good, but the bacon deserves a special mention. It came as a large pile of shaved porky goodness and tasted like good bacon should taste: not overly salty nor overly processed.

Local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah on GF toast plus bacon and sausage

Local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah ($15.50) on gluten-free bread ($2.00) + Trunkey Ck bacon ($6.00) + cider & garlic sausage ($4.50)

Here’s another version of the local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah, this time served on Rise Woodfired sourdough as listed on the menu, plus a Badlands beer & chilli sausage and boston beans.

Local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah on sourdough plus sausage and beans

Local eggs with wilted greens & dukkah ($15.50) + beer & chilli sausage ($4.50) + boston beans ($5.00)

I had a second coffee, this time an almond milk latte (see how almond milk is available pretty much everywhere in Orange?) with a vanilla shot. It was the perfect dessert.

Almond milk latte + vanilla shot

Latte ($4) with almond milk ($0.80) + vanilla shot ($1.00)

The Agrestic Grocer
426 Mitchell Hwy
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 6360 4604
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Review: Scrumptious on Summer (Orange NSW)

This is family-owned cafe on the main street in Orange. I had read many good things about their food, but what impressed me the most was their warm customer service.


The menu is great for people looking for gluten- and/or dairy-free alternatives. In fact, it has so many choices that I had a hard time deciding what to order. In the end, I went with one of the blackboard specials: French omelette with veal sausage, speck, sundried tomato, mushrooms & smokey BBQ glaze served with GF toast. The meal was huge, and I decided to eat some of the toast given the generous amount of butter provided. Great meal (although next time I’d order the BBQ sauce on the side) and quite filling.

French omelette

French omelette ($19)

Have a look at the other day specials in the photo below.


They also have a cold display with a variety of sweets, plus muffins and cakes.


Scrumptious on Summer
142/146 Summer St
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 6361 7200
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Review: Good Eddy (Orange NSW)

Another great coffee in Orange. Although I’ve found coffee tends to be more expensive than in Sydney, I haven’t had a bad coffee yet (fingers crossed!).

Good Eddy

This is a nice little cafe set up at the front of some sort of fashion shop which I was clearly not interested in. I went with the hopes of trying one of their “soup of the day” for lunch, but unfortunately they only have toasties and the like on weekends.


They also have several sweet treats on offer, including a GF brownie that unfortunately I didn’t try.


I did have a great filter coffee served with all the corresponding paraphernalia. Worth ordering “to have here”, IMO.

Filter coffee

Filter coffee ($4)

You can also buy beans to take home and brew your own.


Good Eddy
187 Lords Pl
Orange NSW 2800
(02) 6361 7379
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Review: Byng Street Local Store (Orange NSW)

This cafe operates the coffee cart at the hospital I’m doing my placement at. Coffee is not cheap ($4 for a small) but they use Allpress beans and make good coffee.

Byng Street Cafe & Local Store

I visited the cafe for a weekend lunch. I ordered a latte instead of my usual long black just because there was almond milk available (which is fairly common in Orange, BTW). The coffee was nice and the froth stayed nice and thick until I finished it.

Almond milk latte

Latte $4 plus almond milk ($5)

The menu is not huge, which made it easier for me to decide. Out of the few GF options, I chose the crispy skin salmon with pea mash + fennel salad which was beautifully plated, perfectly cooked and delicious. It’s not a huge serving, so keep that in mind if you’re hangry.

Crispy skin salmon

Crispy skin salmon with pea mash + fennel salad ($23)

They also serve alcohol in case you fancy a glass of wine with your lunch (or breakfast!).

Byng Street Local Store
47 Byng Street
Orange NSW Australia
(02) 6369 0768
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